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The Zen of Python In Practice: Balancing Idealism with Production Concerns

Rm 406 June 27, 2017 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

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Jess Unrein

Shipping code is not always ideal or beautiful. The Zen of Python is a favorite Pythonista Easter Egg accessed by typing `import this` into a Python shell. It prints out a poem full of aphorisms and high minded ideals that we all aspire to when we’re developing. But once code hits production, things have a tendency to fall apart. Aphorisms that seem so obvious and simple in our side projects sound hopelessly optimistic when thinking about our day to day work.

This talk will walk through some of the ideals laid out in the Zen of Python and examine the challenges we face in production codebases through this lens. The Zen of Python encourages flat, sparse, simple programs without guesswork in the face of ambiguous problems. But sometimes you just need to push that bug fix. Our code doesn’t always have to be beautiful, but we need to learn not to let the adequate be the enemy of the good.