Agile Hands On Intermediate Non-Technical

Organizational Dysfunctions on Testing … Agile Remedies

Rm 406 June 27, 2017 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM

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Bill Allen
Kieran Murphy

2017 CCC Presentation


Developers: “QA tests for us but we frequently experience production issues, for many reasons, so we end up just patching the code and getting back to our planned work.  We’re curious about testing as part of development but nobody here has any experience and project timelines don’t give us any time to experiment or learn.”

Testers: “We’re told that Automating Acceptance Testing could be beneficial, but we don’t code and we don’t work closely with the developers.”

Senior Management: “These dates are important to our business, we’re committed to them.  And yes, we see the need for change but planning for it takes too much time.”

Does this sound like your organization? Clearly these are examples of broad organizational dysfunctions. In this workshop we discuss and demonstrate developing from the outside-in and the team practices of Behavior-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development that result in healthy code with well aligned tests.


In this workshop we introduce you to the practice of Behavior-Driven Development partnered with Test-Driven Development. Participants will learn:

  • To utilize business language to describe the behavior of product features
  • To run that behavior and have it inform the team ‘what’ (code, database, infrastructure) needs to be created next
  • To utilize tests to guide the design of the code
  • To write the test first, thereby starting with a measurable goal. And running the test tells you exactly what to do next to meet your goal.
  • To utilize TDD as a beneficial accompaniment to a Continuous Integration pipeline
  • To verify and validate that you are ‘Building it the Right Thing, Right’.

During the workshop we expose participants to discussions, presentations and short exercises on BDD and TDD. Participants leave with insights on patterns of collaboration and communication to apply to their own domains.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This workshop is targeted towards Leadership in organizations that are challenged by Agile; additionally, it targets every role on cross-functional teams.