High Performance AI with H2O Insides

Rm 621 June 27, 2017 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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Dr. Cliff Click

From just your laptop to 100’s of nodes, H2O gives you a Single System Image – easy aggregation of all the memory and all the cores, and a simple coding style that scales wide at in-memory speeds. H2O is easily 1000x faster than disk based clustering solutions, and often 10x faster than best-of-breed alternative in-memory solutions – and will work directly on your existing Hadoop cluster. H2O ingests a wide variety of formats, parallel and distributed across the cluster, and stores the data highly compressed and then lets you do scale-out math at memory-bandwidth speeds (on compressed data!), making terabyte-scale munging an interactive experience. This is a technical talk on the insides of H2O, specifically focusing on the Single-System-Image aspect: how we write single-threaded code, and have H2O auto-parallelize and auto-scale-out to 100’s of nodes and 1000’s of cores.