Patrick McKenna is a trainer a GitHub, teaching both enterprise customers and the general public how to use the product (and Git, too). He learned both tools at his previous job, writing software as part of a neutrino physics collaboration. As an undergrad at Berkeley, he studied both physics and English. When away from screens, he loves to ski, enjoy San Francisco’s fantastic food, and travel whenever possible.

A word from Patrick…

Life at GitHub involves dogfooding in the extreme: it’s a bunch of software developers, building software for developers, on software they’ve developed. Yet like most midsize companies, GitHub also employs many non-technical employees, in groups like legal and marketing. Do they use the product, too? The answer: yes. In all this, we’ve found certain useful, well-documented features remain under-appreciated and under-used. We’ve of course discovered some product limitations. And we’ve developed a few techniques for using the platform with maximum efficiency.

Patrick¬†will cover each of these areas while providing a bit of practical advice on how to use GitHub more effectively at this year’s conference.


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