Josh LongSpeaker, author and Java evangelist Josh Long will be presenting at CCC’s 2016 conference on Cloud Native Java. Josh has authored works such as Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry. He’s also the mastermind behind three best-selling training videos and an open source contributor.

If you haven’t heard Josh Long speak you are in for a treat. As a programmer at heart, Josh has the ability to connect with developers that are “in the trenches”. Josh will analyze the performance of mega corporations that have demonstrated excellence with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud and have used it to dodge the complexities that Microservices brings.

Josh’s experience in the startup environment exposed him to Spring since its origin. Josh’s passion for Spring led him to connect with JUGs and this is where he began to educate the Java community. Since then Josh has traveled the globe and upheld Pivotal’s focus on developer’s by offering real solutions for developers and development teams.

People all around the world know and love Spring, and I get to shake their hands and talk to them. Spring is such a unifying force in the world of open-source Java.

Spring is one of the most used tools in the technical industry today and has revolutionized Java Enterprise development. Spring fits with legacy application servers and other application servers such as Apache Tomcat. Spring even matches up with Big Data solutions and provides integration and batch processing support.

I joined the Spring team as an engineer and an evangelist, truly helping Java developers in a meaningful way. None of that would have been possible if Spring hadn’t helped me in the first place.


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