Many have seen and even played a role in the ongoing saga of tech versus business. Technologists around the world are standing off with their business counterparts. Why? Increasing consumer demands are impacting businesses and organizations are scrambling to stay ahead of the game in an attempt to become more agile. Experts foresee the issue growing worse before it gets better.

fantasyFrankly, we are sick and tired of the bickering, especially since the most important point gets lost — the failure to derive the full advantage of information technologies does enormous disservice to companies. Further, the pace of technological change and the demands to do more with the data grow exponentially and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The problem, strategic or not, must be resolved. Smart leaders will ignore the posturing and work to close the gaps. Harvard Business Review

Business area’s commonly emerge themselves in problems, strategy and external pressures. Whereas the technology side is inundated with things such as platforms, middleware, networks and legacy systems. In addition to this concept, technology and business teams operate differently and have very different dynamics and even corporate value systems.  The bottom line is that the conflict between technical and business practices stunts productivity and threatens the success of any organization. 

There will always be communication gaps between people who wake up every morning worrying about how the corporate strategy is being enacted, and people who stay up all night trying to assure that a legacy system closes within the monthly billing cycle window. Doug McDavid





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